The National Escort Group

The National Escort Group GB (NEGGB) is an organisation that provides skilled motorcycle marshals for a variety of sporting events held on the UK public highway and aims to enhance and maximise the safety for competitors, officials and members of the general public alike.

All our riders are trained to IAM, RoSPA or similar qualification and the NEGGB is the only organisation that is accredited to provide trained motorcycle marshals for British Cycling events and the cycling segments of British Triathlon Federation events.


NEGGB motorcycle marshals can carry out various duties such as warning the general public and oncoming road users of an approaching event, keeping event organisers and participants informed of progress, reporting rule infringements, checking route signage, marshalling an obstruction or potential hazard and complimenting static marshals.

NEG%20TM Some NEGGB members can be engaged by the event organiser to carry pillion passengers such as officials, timing blackboards, judges or commissaries.

Other members can be employed by media companies to carry press photographers or cameramen. In such cases the NEGGB member may reasonably expect the organiser or media company to provide a risk assessment of the expected duties.