Hiring the NEGGB

Event organisers wishing to engage the services of the NEGGB should initially contact the appropriate NEGGB Regional Coordinator, who will endeavour to put together a group to meet the event requirements.

Please be aware that NEGGB member may be booked months in advance.

General Enquiries

For all general enquiries please email us at [email protected]


Due to the various types and nature of events covered by the NEGGB please contact the relevant Regional Coordinator for rates per NEGGB marshal.


British Cycling

For all BC events qualified NEGGB marshals are covered under the British Cycling vehicle insurance policy. To ensure this cover is in place NEGGB marshals must be the owner of the motorcycle and the details of both rider and motorcycle must have been forwarded to the event organiser who will advise BC HQ in advance of the event. This insurance only covers the NEGGB marshal whilst the race is in progress.

British Triathlon Federation

When acting as a BTF motorcycle official the NEGGB marshal will be covered by the British Triathlon fleet insurance policy, on a fully comprehensive basis. To ensure this cover is in place the details of both rider and motorcycle must be held by Triathlon England and that the Event Registration Form has been completed prior to the event taking place.

Charity / Other Events

For all charity and other events an agreement must be put in place by the event organiser to the satisfaction of the NEGGB Regional Coordinator.