Event Safety Is No Accident

History & Past Events



In 1999 UK Sport and British Cycling called for a method of providing mobile safety cover for all road based sporting events (cycle racing, triathlons, marathons, etc).
Former Sussex Police Chief Inspector Andy Relf formed the NEG by putting together a team of civilian motorcycle marshals made up of off-duty police and retired police motorcyclists.
The NEG was approved by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), RoSPA and the HSE and was accepted by British Cycling (BC) and the British Triathlon Federation (BTF) as the only organisation accredited to ensure the safety of competitors and general public when cycle race events are held on the public highway.

As the NEG expanded over the following years suitably qualified civilian motorcyclists were allowed to join, a structured training and accreditation scheme was put in place and the administration of the NEG was assisted by British Cycling.
In 2005 the Welsh National Escort Group (WNEG) was officially formed as a sister division.
By January 2007 the NEG organisation was re-branded as the NEGGB and the WNEG became the NEG Wales.
Since then the NEGGB has grown to over 100 active members with the NEG Wales operating with around 30 members.

Past Events

The NEGGB have been involved in providing mobile safety cover for the following events:

The 2012 London Olympic Games

The 2012 London Paralympics Games

The Tour Of Britain  2004 - 2019

The Women's Tour  2014 - 2019
The Prudential Ride London  2013 - 2019
Tour de Yorkshire  2015 - 2019
The UCI World Championships 2019
The BC National Road Racing Champs  2011 - 2019
The ITU World Championship, London  2009 - 2011
The London Triathlon
The Windsor Triathlon
The Sussex Triathlon
The Blenheim Triathlon
The Liverpool Triathlon

South East Road Race League

Surrey Road Race League

The Masters Road Race Championships
The Royal British Legion, London to Paris
Cure Parkinson's, London to Paris

Tour of Cambridge

Tour of Pendle